We recognise the importance of protecting the forest environment in which we operate and, as such, Center Parcs is committed to:

Maintaining and enhancing the wildlife and habitats on our villages, taking into account the characteristic biodiversity of the local area

The Wildlife Trusts are our appointed ecologists and support us to monitor and review the species and habitats at Center Parcs, applying their knowledge of local biodiversity and habitat against local and national standards.

Training and educating staff in biodiversity conservation

Much of the annual survey work carried out on the Villages is conducted by our Conservation Rangers with the support of the local Wildlife Trusts and volunteer groups. These external groups provide on the job training and educate our employees in biodiversity conservation. The Wildlife Trusts also visit our Villages on a regular basis to promote biodiversity to guests and employees.

Disseminating information on natural biodiversity conservation to our guests

We share information with our guests and employees through the monthly Center Parcs Nature Notebook publication and the extensive range of activities available for guests at each Village.

Monitoring and reviewing our performance against developing local and national standards, updating our actions as necessary

We hold The Wildlife Trusts' Biodiversity Benchmark for our Villages, recognising the management of biodiversity and our woodlands. This is carried out through our Ten Year Forest Management Plans against which we annually monitor our performance and update work plans and targets to reflect this.

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Last updated 14 November 2014