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Member of staff checking harness is fitted correctly to child just about to take part on Aerial Adventure

Safety information

Staying safe during your Longford Forest break

We’re sure you’ll have a great time here at Center Parcs. To ensure you have a safe stay with us, we have prepared the below information on safety and security. Please read and follow the advice given.

Should you have any queries or problems during your break, or wish to report any suspicious events or accidents, please contact Guest Services who will assist.

While we make every effort to ensure your wellbeing during your stay, please remember that you remain responsible for the safety of yourself and others in your party, especially children.


Useful telephone number:




Guest Services

043 331 1030



043 331 1012



043 331 1111




For your safety, our Security team patrol the resort from time to time, but it is impractical for Center Parcs to guarantee the security of your property. Your personal belongings are your own responsibility during your break with us. Do not leave property unattended or unsecured – use the lockers and safety deposit boxes provided

First Aid Centre

The First Aid Centre is open daily from 9am to 5pm. Outside opening hours for First Aid please contact Guest Services or Security on the relevant number. Please contact the First Aid Centre if you require a Sharps container; please only dispose of needles in these containers. If you require an ambulance, dial 999 or contact us on the Emergency Phone Number on the inside cover of this guide. Please be aware that the First Aid Centre is unable to administer or provide medication.

Lost medication

If you lose any medication during your break, please contact the First Aid Centre, Guest Services or Security immediately on the relevant number on the inside cover. This will allow us to attempt to locate the lost medication for the safety of everyone, or to assist in sourcing replacement medication.

Emergency Services

If you contact the emergency services directly please inform Guest Services or Security of the situation; this will assist us and prevent any delay to the emergency services entering the resort.

Dangerous items

You may not bring or use any fireworks – including sparklers – or Chinese lanterns, shotgun, knife, firearm, air weapon, archery equipment, illegal substances or similar item to any resort under any circumstances.Drones are not permitted at Center Parcs. This is not just a Center Parcs Policy but to meet Government requirements in accordance with the Irish Aviation Authority.

Fire Prevention

Please remember you are in a forest environment. In order to minimise the risk of outbreak of fire there are a number of important measures to remember.

  • Do not light fires other than in your lodge fireplace/log burner 
  • Fire pits or camp fires are not permitted at Center Parcs due to the fire risk they present 
  •  Do not leave items unattended on cookers or in ovens or grills 
  • Do not bring your own cooking equipment to any resort 
  • Dispose of matches and cigarettes carefully 
  • Do not bring fireworks, Chinese lanterns or sparklers onto the resort. Any guest found to be using these will be asked to leave the resort 
  • Use and dispose of barbecues correctly 
  • Please use candles and tea lights with care and do not leave unattended. Ensure these are fully extinguished before leaving your accommodation.

At certain times of the year the entire forest will be declared a high risk fire area. Barbecues and smoking outdoors other than on accommodation patios and in pre-notified areas close to central buildings will not be permitted. Signs will be displayed and the information channel on your television will alert you to this fact.

Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves

Please only burn one log at a time, this is the maximum the fireplace/stove can accommodate safely.  Only logs purchased from the Parc Market can be burnt, please do not use branches, logs or cones from the forest and do not leave a burning log unattended.  Do not adjust the air intake on wood burning stoves.  Please take care when opening the stove door, and use the glove and handle provided.  When in use the whole stove and surrounding area is hot to touch and will remain so for some time after the log has finished burning.

Some accommodation has gas fired heather that look like log burners, please not these cannot be used to burn logs.  A notice will highlight this in the accommodation.


  • Barbecues are only permitted on the patios of your accommodation. If you are staying in the Apartments, Spa Suites or a Hotel, barbecues are not permitted at all 
  • Where barbecues are permitted, please ensure that they are never left unattended and embers are thoroughly extinguished before being left to cool 
  • Do not empty hot charcoal or ashes into bins – wait until they are cold. Metal ash bins are provided in every bin bay for the disposal of barbecue refuse. Do not use any other means of disposal 
  • All accommodation features brick-built barbecue holders on the patio which are suitable for disposable barbecue trays. Disposable barbecues are available for sale in the ParcMarket 
  •  Some accommodation features mains gas barbecues 
  • Portable gas barbecues are not permitted 
  • Please ensure the barbecue is situated on the patio and not on the grass
  • Only lumpwood charcoal may be used
  • Only propietry barbecue lighting products may be used

Fire action - in your accommodation

Upon arrival, please familiarise yourself with emergency procedures for dealing with fire. Notices are present in all accommodation. Floor plans are present in Apartments. Please make sure your whole party is aware of the escape routes. Smoke detectors are provided for your safety and must not be disabled. Please report to Guest Services if the detector is faulty or is particularly sensitive.

Children's safety

Although you are on a short break, it is vital to know where your children are and to supervise them at all times, particularly in play areas, in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, near water and on their cycles. Please be aware that open water is present and exists throughout the resort and close to most accommodation. Please supervise your children carefully on balconies and ensure they do not climb on furniture. Unless we have agreed to supervise them, all children under 8 taking part in activities must have parental supervision. It may also be requested in other instances. Center Parcs staff do not supervise children’s play areas, indoor or outdoor. 

For all supervised activities you must provide contact details so we can contact you during the session, sign your child in or out, or provide a password if they are under 8 and collect your child at the correct time. Child car seats will no longer be provided should you need to travel in a Center Parcs vehicle whilst on resort. You may use and fit your own car seat should you wish to, at your own risk.

You must tell us when you book any activity if your child has a medical condition, allergy or normally carries an EPI-PEN/ANAPEN/JEXT. The only medication our staff may administer to a child under our supervision is a prescribed EPI-PEN/ANAPEN/JEXT. You must bring it with you, ensuring the date is valid, or your child will not be able to join the session.

Due to cold weather/frozen ground we may need to close our play areas. Please adhere to any safety signage in place and do not breach any temporary closure. Due to high temperatures some of our play equipment may become too hot to use where skin is not covered. Please ensure supervision of your children at all times when using such equipment.

Child safeguarding

It is our policy to refer incidents or allegations of concern about a child in our care or staying at one of our resorts to an appropriate external organisation, should we in our sole discretion deem it necessary.

Allergies and Special Dietary Requirements

Intended allergen ingredient information for all menu items is available via the allergen portal. We do not provide details of “may contain” allergen statements and cannot make changes to our menu items. Due to supplier manufacturing processes, Gluten Free dishes are suitable for guests with Coeliac disease but may be unsuitable for guests who are allergic to cereal proteins. Similarly, some Vegan ingredients carry “may contain” warnings from suppliers so should not be relied on to avoid specific allergens. We use ingredients containing allergens throughout our kitchens, including cooking different foods in the same equipment. It is not possible to guarantee that any item is 100% allergen free due to the risk of cross-contamination. If this causes concern due to the severity of an allergy, please consider carefully before ordering. Please note, some of our meat/fish dishes may contain bones.

Your guide to swimming safely

Pool hygiene/ changing facilities  

Please encourage children to use the toilet before swimming and ensure that babies wear a swim nappy. Disposable swim nappies are available to purchase from the ParcMarket and Pool Information Desk. You must not enter the water if you have suffered from a gastro-intestinal upset involving diarrhoea within the past 48 hours. You may not enter the water if you have suffered from confirmed Cryptosporidium infection within the past 14 days. All cuts and open wounds or contagious conditions must be covered with a waterproof dressing.

In and around the pool

Please take care around the pool and in changing rooms. Do not run. Floor surfaces can be slippery when wet. Strictly no diving and no jumping-in policies operate in all our pools. Large inflatable toys or boats are not permitted into the pool. Snorkels and masks are allowed only in pools when waves are not in operation or you are not on an activity. Snorkels and masks are not permitted in the Lazy Rivers or Wild Water Rapids. No masks with glass are permitted anywhere in the pool area. 

Ultra Violet radiation is not excluded from natural sunlight in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise at any of our resorts, therefore sun protection lotion is recommended.

Supervision in pools

The following supervision ratio operates throughout most areas of the pool:

  • Under 4 years: One child per responsible person of at least 16 years of age 
  • 4 to 7 years: Two children per responsible person

Regardless of age, weak or non-swimmers should be supervised at all time, by an adult swimmer in close contact. Parties not being supervised to these standards or who are not supervising their children responsibly may be asked to leave the pool.

In non-swimming areas, such as toddlers’ pools, lower levels of supervision are required. The requirements and the areas they apply to are identified by notice in the relevant areas of the pool. Children’s swim jackets, are available free of charge for use in the pool. These are swimming aids and not lifejackets and all children using swimming aids must be supervised at all times. A small number of larger sizes are available.

Flumes, slides and water rides

Plaster casts are not permitted on flumes, slides, Wild Water Rapids, Tropical Cyclone, Twister and Typhoon. Guests wearing prosthetic limbs may use the rapids on an individual basis, alongside other members of their party. No unaccompanied children under the age of 8 may use the raft rides as we’re unable to seat them with other guests.

Photography in the pool

Photography (still, digital and video) is not permitted in any changing areas within our resorts. Only nonintrusive photography of your own party and friends is permitted in our resorts and particularly in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise.

In the interest of safety, ‘selfie sticks’ and handheld cameras are not permitted on any flumes, slides, rapids or water rides. You may not carry out photography for commercial purposes, publication or similar purposes in any part of our resorts. 

Pregnant guests

We strongly advise that pregnant guests do not use slides, rapids and cold plunge pools. This is due to the chance of accidental impact with surfaces or other users during use. Certain rides and features such as hot whirlpools, hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms have specific restrictions on use by pregnant guests. These are clearly highlighted on signage and are due to either potential for impact or temperatures in excess of those recommended during pregnancy.

Please note these restrictions also relate to accommodation facilities and are highlighted on signage at accommodation.

Leisure activities

Warming up

To reduce the risk of injury, please take time to warm up before any activity and please wear appropriate footwear while exercising.

Safety Equipment

The use of safety equipment is compulsory on certain supervised Center Parcs activities and you will not be allowed to participate without it. The use of safety equipment is strongly recommended during roller skating and rollerblading sessions. Shinguards are available for football activities upon request and are compulsory for supervised children’s footballing activities. Goggles are available for squash upon request.

Health Questionnaires

If you wish to participate in certain activities, you will be required to complete a health questionnaire or declaration. For your own safety, if you suffer from certain health conditions, you will be unable to participate in particular activities unless you have written confirmation from your doctor that it is safe for you to participate.

Please note that for children and young people under 18 years of age the health questionnaire must be signed by a responsible person. If an unaccompanied young person attends an activity without a completed questionnaire they will be unable to participate until a questionnaire is completed. If you completed a web booking for the activity the booker must have acknowledged that they have received parental consent to allow the booking for children under 18 years of age.

Around the Resort

Cycling, Scooters, Rollerblades, etc

We strongly recommend that anyone cycling at Center Parcs should wear a helmet. If you are hiring a cycle, a helmet will be included free of charge with your hire. If you bring your own cycle you must make sure it is in good working order. Cycle on the left, give consideration to other cyclists and pedestrians and keep to the prepared / allocated cycle paths. Cycling is strictly prohibited in and around the main buildings and on other designated routes within busy areas. The use of e-scooters, hoverboards or any similar equipment powered by motors is not permitted on any of our resorts. Electric bikes may still be used as these are power assisted. Non-powered scooters, rollerblades or other wheeled toys may be used on designated cycle paths, but should not be used in any of the main buildings, thoroughfares or any other area where cycling is prohibited. Guests are not permitted to attach their own cycle trailers to Center Parcs cycles. Please use cycle ramps next to steps to lodges to wheel your cycle down. Do not ride down the ramps.


Please be aware that tracks can become weathered. Please wear appropriate footwear. The level of lighting around the resort is designed not to compromise the rural environment. You may find a torch useful in the evenings. Please keep to prepared roads and paths at all times.

Driving safely around the resort

With the exception of Mondays and Fridays, guests driving onto the resort is strictly prohibited without specific authorisation.

Please use great care when driving and adhere to the on resort speed limit of 20kph. Sleepers, boulders, logs and posts are placed to prevent roadside damage and illegal parking. No liability is accepted for damage caused by these markers unless due to our negligence.

With the exception of essential medical supplies, delivery services from external suppliers are not permitted to enter the resort for the purpose of deliveries to guests.

For your safety, diving, swimming and paddling are forbidden in all lakes and waterways around the resort. Please do not walk on frozen lakes or waterways or allow your child to do so. Guests’ personal craft is prohibited on the lake.

Lyme Disease and ticks

Ticks are tiny, spider-like creatures found naturally in grass and woodland areas throughout Ireland. Lyme Disease is an illness caused by a bite from an infected tick. Not all ticks carry the disease and Ireland is a low risk country for this infection. If you are walking in grassy and woodland areas you can take easy precautions:

  • Keep yourself covered up 
  • Keep your shirt tucked in 
  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt 
  • Tuck your trousers into your socks, if possible 
  • Wear shoes, not sandals 
  • Also the use of a repellent containing DEET will help deter ticks and they are easier to see on light coloured clothes. Check yourself and your children for ticks every day

In the unlikely event that you think you have found a tick on your skin. Please contact the First Aid Centre for advice or contact your GP as soon as possible if you are at home. Please take a copy of this information with you and show your doctor. Symptoms normally start between one week and one month after the tick has attached itself to the skin. Early symptoms may include a spreading circular red rash usually around the bite and flu-like symptoms. The illness can be treated with antibiotics and if treated early full recovery is normal.

Animals and plant life

Please be cautious when approaching animals or birds as they may bite or injure you. Do not feed squirrels as they bite. We recommend that you do not feed or touch any animals or birds due to the risk of infection. If you do touch an animal or bird, please wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Do not touch any toadstools, mushrooms or berries as they may be poisonous.


Please keep dogs on a lead at all times when outside your accommodation and ensure they use dog exercise areas located around the resort. All dogs, with the exception of assistance dogs, may not be taken into public buildings. We regret that day visitors may not bring additional dogs with them, except assistance dogs. Please dispose of dog faeces responsibly. Instructions upon this are available in pre-booked pet accommodation. Never leave your dog in your vehicle unattended.