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The Waterfront and Boathouse at Longford Forest
Longford Forest gift cards


Which gift card design do you have?

We currently have two gift cards circulating and it’s important for you to identify which card you have. To help you understand, we have shown below the different card designs.


An image of the Longford Forest gift card, a yellow card with a leaf pattern on it

Leaf print gift card

If your gift card features a leaf print design, please use the button below to check your gift card balance. Don’t worry about activating your card as it’s already activated ready for you to use. 

Check balance 

An image of the Longford Forest gift card, a view of a building overlooking a lake

Resort photograph gift card

Please be aware that we are changing gift card supplier and these nature-style cards will no longer work. Please see general news for more information. 


Check Balance

General news