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Chocolate Chefs Academy

Activity Den

Relax and enjoy some peace as your little ones come along to Center Parcs’ very own chocolate factory. Here, they’ll learn how to become master chocolatiers, making their own chef’s apron and hat before they make some delicious treats and create their own secret recipes. Chocolate-themed games complete the activity – it’s going to get messy!

  • Ages 3 to 6 years
  • Non-parent accompanied session
  • Please take the time to read the health and safety/medical form for this activity. You can download and print your form to take to your activity if you wish
  • Tusla Registration limits the time an individual child under 8 yrs old can spend unaccompanied in the Activity Den to 4 hrs daily. Please consider this when you make bookings

In this three-hour session, your little ones become expert chocolatiers for the day, creating delicious treats and playing games.


Images are a representative selection from across our villages.


  • Bring your appetite

  • Ofsted-registered members of staff

  • Take time to relax


What happens in my child doesn't settle?

If your child doesn't settle our members of staff will get in touch with you, so you don't have to worry.

What happens when we arrive?

At the Activity Den desk you'll be welcomed by a member of staff who will check your little ones in for the Chocolate Chefs Academy and if you haven't already filled in a form, they'll get one for you. You can then see them sing and dance into their adventure.

What happens when I collect my child?

When the activity if due to finish, arrive 5 or 10 minutes before to see your child all ressed in their Chocolate Chefs Acamdey gear and sign them out the session.