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Action challenge
Feel brave on your break

Outdoor adrenaline

Discover the best adrenaline-inducing experiences to satisfy your adventurous spirit. Test your limits and reach new heights as you head into the trees for an Aerial Adventure – if you dare. Little ones looking for adventure? Mini Trek or Aerial Tree Trekking will test out their climbing skills. 

Girl climbing up indoor climbing wall

Indoor adrenaline

No matter what the weather, there is plenty to do indoor too. Get your adrenaline pumping with a game of Interactive Squash with an exciting twist or test how brave you are and tackle the fun yet challenging Indoor Climbing Adventure.

Subtropical Swimming Paradise

You can get your adrenaline rush in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise too. Home to thrilling water rides and slides, from our gravity-defying Tropical Cyclone to our family favourite Wild Water Rapids. Why not pre-book Aqua Jetting for an adrenaline-pumping indoor aquatic adventure.