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Dining In 

Dining In is a counter take away and delivery service. 

The entrance to Dining In is via an incline and then level access to the entrance. A single set of double leaf doors which open inwards are provided at the entrance. 

Bright lighting is provided throughout the restaurant. 

There are no lowered counters. However, staff will provide any assistance 

The restaurant is not provided with toilets. The closest accessible toilets are located in the Pancake House which is next door. 

The menu is provided on the wall to the left of the service counter. Print is large, however, staff will assist as necessary when assistance is requested. 

Individual menus are provided on the counter. The print is small; however, staff will assist as necessary when requested. 

Amplified music is played in the restaurant. 

A portable Induction Hearing Loop is available for use. 

Download the Dining in access for all PDF