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      Rajinda Pradesh
      Rajinda Pradesh Menu


      Freshly cooked plain poppadum served with onion salad, sweet chilli chutney, mango chutney and coriander and mint sauce.

      Chicken breast pieces marinated in a spice blend and cooked in a traditional tandoor oven, served with coriander and mint pureé and fresh lime.

      Our signature onion bhaji recipe – sliced onion mixed with gram flour and spices, dipped in a light and crispy batter, served with spiced mango dressing and lime.

      Plump parcels of Indian spiced vegetables, served with tamarind chutney, coriander and lime sauce and fresh yoghurt.

      Spiced minced lamb, skewered and wrapped in naan bread strip, cooked in our tandoor oven and served with an Indian tomato chutney.

      Rajinda Curries


      Our curries are made from authentic Indian ingredients, creating dishes that are fragrant, filling and packed with flavour.



      King Prawns 

      Vegan (contains gluten) 




      A mild and creamy sauce with a tomato base, flavoured with fenugreek. One of the favourite dishes and a great introduction for those new to Indian food.

      This is a style of cooking where the ingredients are pan-fried to make a thick, spicy sauce. Your choice of meat or vegetables are cooked with chilli, onion and tomato, finished with fresh coriander.

      A hot and fiery sauce originating in the south of India, made with generous chilli and garlic, finished with fresh coriander.

      A thick sauce of sliced onions, tomatoes, peppers and green chillies, flavoured with Karahi spices - cinnamon, coriander, cumin and red chillies.

      Your choice of meat or vegetables cooked with onions and tomatoes, flavoured with mace, cardamom and a touch of chilli.

      Our korma is mild and sweet, made with a coconut and mango sauce, flavoured with cardamom and finished with cream. This is a perfect introduction for those who are new to Indian food.

      Our balti dishes are cooked in a thick hot sauce with peppers, onions, ginger and garlic. It is flavoured with Karahi spices – cinnamon, coriander, cumin and red chillies.

      Basamati rice and your choice of meat or vegetables, finished with the subtle flavour of rose water, topped with fresh coriander and curried dal.

      This dish is cooked with pureéd spinach to make a thick, rich sauce flavoured with garam masala.

      This is a very mild suce with a tomato base, finished with coconut, butter and cream. It’s rich, indulgent and slightly sweet. of rose water, topped with fresh coriander and tadka dal.

      From the Tandoor

      ·       All of our Tandoor dishes come with your choice of naan. 

      Straight out of our Tandoor, succulent chicken marinated in yoghurt, ginger, paprika and lemon.

      Marinated with ginger, garlic and coriander before being skewered and cooked in a hot tandoor. The lamb chops are served pink so please advise your server if you would like them cooked differently.


      A cooling sauce made from natural yoghurt, fresh cucumber, mint and just a hint of chilli powder.

      Thin fries tossed in chilli and served with an Indian spiced ketchup.

      A creamy spinach pureé with potato cooked in aromatic spices.

      Potatoes tossed with onion seeds and aromatic Bombay spices.

      Naan Breads

      Soft Indian breads, baked to order in our tandoor oven.


      Light, fluffy and cooked to perfection.


      • Vanilla Clotted Cream - Kelly’s Vanilla is rich and creamy vanilla dairy ice cream with lashings of clotted cream, ensuring a rich, velvety texture. 
      • Strawberries and Cream - Combines delicious strawberry dairy ice cream with juicy strawberry pieces.  Made with milk and clotted cream. 
      • Choc Brownie Salted Caramel - Rich chocolate dairy ice cream rippled with salted caramel sauce and chocolate brownie pieces, topped with chocolate salted caramel crisp.

      A lightly whipped mousse, rich with the flavour of chocolate and topped with a chocolate scroll.

       A creamy pannacotta infused lightly with cardamom and served with a mango and passionfruit ‘soup’.

      Raspberry or Lemon.

      Children's Menu

      Children's Mains

      Served with baked beans.

      Pasta and mini meatballs in a mild tomato sauce. Served with grated cheese.

      Pasta in a tasty, mild tomato sauce. Served with grated cheese.

      Your choice of chicken breast, diced lamb or mixed vegetables served in a mild tikka masala or sweet korma sauce, served with a choice of boiled rice or pilau rice and a mini naan bread.