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A family first

Baby friendly lodges

Our lodges are all baby-friendly, specially designed and kitted out to minimise stress and ensure you have everything you need. Arrive to a full fridge after making use of our pre-arrival delivery service, pack your buggy away in one of our super-sized storage cupboards, and relax with a hot cup of tea.

So, whether you’re staying in one of our Treehouses or Woodland Lodges, you don’t need to worry about anything other than spending some quality family time.   

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Eating out on holiday with a baby

We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our restaurants are child and baby-friendly. Offering plenty of space to accommodate multiple high-chairs and prams, you won’t need to worry about a lack of space.

Many of our restaurants have play areas as well as offering a baby station complete with microwave, bottle warmer, bowls, and free baby food.

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Holiday activities with babies under 1 

Our holidays with babies under 1 offer plenty of fun and safe activities to keep your little one happy. Spend some time in nature, take a swim, or try one of our classes.

With a crèche and a wide range of activities suited to children under 1, you’ll be able to spend some quality time playing, or leave your baby with peace of mind knowing they’re in safe hands.

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Explore the forest and all its beauty 

If you’re not in the mood for an activity, there’s still plenty to do. Why not take a walk and explore our beautiful forests? With plenty of wildlife wandering around, feel the crunch of the leaves under your feet while enjoying all nature has to offer with your baby. Or else take a ride on one of our cycles, complete with a baby buggy you can attach to the back of your bike (suitable for six months and older).

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Take your baby for a swim

Spend some time relaxing and enjoying the water at our Subtropical Swimming Paradise. With a buggy park outside the facilities, generous family changing rooms, and a special baby swimming area (with warm shallow area perfect for young children), you won’t need to stress about any of the practicalities. 

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Our crèche services

Spend some quality with your partner, or unwind in our Aqua Sana Spa, while our experts care for your little one. Come back to a happy baby complete with an activity card showing what they’ve done, eaten, as well as how many nappy changes and naps they’ve had. 

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Baby sensory play

Try a baby-friendly activity 

There are a wide variety of baby-friendly activities on offer at Center Parcs.

Our top five baby-friendly activities

  • Sensory Play (8 weeks to crawling) - enjoy a session where you and your baby explore your senses through nursery rhymes, vibrant colours, soothing sounds and various textures. 
  • Fun Pots with Tots (1 month to 5 years) - get creative (and messy!) with your little one as you decorate pottery together.
  • Baby Memorable Imprint (6 weeks to 3 years) - make a memory that will last a lifetime as you create a cast of your little one’s precious hand or foot. 
  • Pottery Painting Studio (1 month+) - get creative with the little one and design and paint your very own piece of pottery – a precious hand-made gem to keep for years to come!
  • Swim Pups (3 to 24 months) - a swimming lesson specially designed for young babies. Give your baby a head-start with our special lessons where they’ll get a feel for the water with some of the best professionals out there. 

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