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      The latest from Whinfell Forest

      Subtropical Swimming Paradise - no need to book from 11 July

      Last updated 23 June 2022

      You may remember that as part of COVID-19 restrictions we introduced bookable swim sessions to visit the Subtropical Swimming Paradise.  As we have now moved away from such restrictions, we have made the decision to remove bookable swim sessions from 11 July 2022 which means that guests will no longer be required to book to visit the pool from this date.

      We know that the Subtropical Swimming Paradise is a popular feature of a Center Parcs break and we will still need to manage the number of guests visiting at any one time.  The number of guests visiting the pool will be closely monitored and naturally some times of the day/evening will be busier than others, Saturday and Tuesday mornings are typically busy times. 

      It may be necessary when our pools have reached capacity for us to control guest entry.  The good news is that guests will have the freedom to visit the pool throughout their break and we hope they’ll welcome the spontaneity.  

      We will be closely monitoring guest views, feedback and capacity levels in the coming weeks and carefully considering the future for entry to our pools.

      We hope the questions below will help our guests:


      What if I’m visiting before Monday 11 July?

      If you have a break booked before Monday 11 July you will still need to pre-book your session to visit the Subtropical Swimming Paradise.


      Do I need to cancel my swim session?

      No, we’ll automatically cancel all swim bookings from 11 July.

      Guests will still see their booking in their itinerary until 11 July.


      My booking is still showing in my itinerary – what does this mean?

      All Subtropical Swimming Paradise bookings will be cancelled from 11 July.

      Bookings will be removed from all guest itineraries on 11 July and not before. Prior to this date guests will still see their pool session.


      How often can I visit the Subtropical Swimming Paradise?

      You can visit the pool 7 days a week, at any time between 10am-9pm and stay for as long as you like. 

      From time to time, we may have to restrict entry for your safety if we reach capacity during busier times.


      When are the busy times in the pool?

      The number of guests visiting the pool will be closely monitored and naturally some times of the day/evening will be busier than others, Saturday and Tuesday mornings are typically busy times. 


      Can we visit at different times and days to the rest of our group?

      Yes, you can visit separately if you prefer.


      What’s the likelihood of the Subtropical Swimming Paradise reaching capacity?

      From time to time, we may have to restrict entry for your safety if we reach capacity during busier times.


      I’ve booked towels with my swim session, will I still get these?

      Yes, please visit the pool desk inside the Subtropical Swimming Paradise to collect your towels


      Are bookable swimming sessions gone for good?

      We are reviewing how guests access our pool and how we control this in the future.  For now we’re taking them away and we’ll continue to review guest feedback.


      Are you still controlling the number of guests in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise?

      Yes, we electronically monitor the number of guests in the pool at any one time.  If we reach capacity we will ask guests to come back at another less busy time.

      Subtropical Swimming Paradise maintenance 

      Last updated 11 May 2022

      Please be aware that scheduled maintenance will take place throughout the year in our Subtropical Swimming Paradise. The work required may affect the  opening of certain slides during your break and The Canyon Ride will be off for at least one day depending on the maintenance required. Breaks affected are the weeks commencing:

      Monday 27 June 2022

      Monday 26 September 2022

      Keep checking our Whinfell Forest Twitter page for updates.

      Impact to usual operations

      Last updated 19 May 2022

      Like many other businesses we are unfortunately impacted by staff shortages and recruitment challenges, which means that you may find some disruption to our normal services. For guests who have an impacted restaurant or activity booking we will contact you directly.

      Please see below a list of current changes, please check back regularly as there are often last-minute changes:


      Huck's American Bar and Grill

      Closed on Mondays. Open 4pm until 10pm all other days. No deliveries available at present.

      Rajinda Pradesh

      Open 4:30pm until 10pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

      Lakeside Inn

      Open daily from 12pm until 10pm.

      Café Rouge

      Open 9am until 4pm on Mondays (1:45pm is the last booking time).

      Open 10am until 10pm every other day.

      Canopy Café

      Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am until 7pm


      Please note that we will keep this information as updated as possible but there may still be extremely late during break changes not listed.


      If you or your party test positive for COVID-19 prior to your break

      Last updated 14 April 2022

      As always, our priority is to protect our guests and staff as much as possible, and we recommend that all guests due to visit take a COVID-19 test before visiting our villages. Guests who test positive for COVID-19 should follow the government guidance for self-isolation.

      Should you need to reschedule* or cancel your break due to a positive COVID-19 test result, please complete this form and our team will make contact.

      *If the new date is more expensive guests will need to cover the additional costs, however, if the new date is lower in price we will of course refund the difference.

      Psst… exciting improvements coming to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise

      13 October 2021

      Have you heard? Our Subtropical Swimming Paradise at Whinfell Forest is having some long overdue enhancements, including the addition of the popular Tropical Cyclone ride that you may have experienced at our other villages. Opening spring 2023. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on this thrilling development.

      Don’t worry, if you are due a break at Whinfell Forest soon, we have made sure that there is little guest disruption. The Subtropical Swimming Paradise remains fully open with all slides and pools available for you and your family.

      Forest safety

      7 August 2020

      During extreme dry weather spells we take advice from the Met Office, please see below some basic fire safety points:

      • Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking locations on village and on the patio/ balcony of accommodation
      • The use of wood from the forest is strictly prohibited for use on the fire in accommodation (please only use logs purchased from ParcMarket)
      • The making of fires of any sort is strictly prohibited
      • Should you discover a fire no matter how small, please contact the village emergency number or call 999
      • Due to our forest environment, we may need to withdraw the use of BBQ’s in extreme hot weather

      We do have regular fire checks in place but please be vigilant and help us to maintain a safe environment in the forest.

      Safety information

      Minimising traffic on the village 

      We know that our focus on providing a safe environment with minimal traffic is something you really value. That’s why we need your help to reduce the traffic on our villages to protect what you love about Center Parcs: a place where little ones can run free and explore, and parents can feel at ease.

      Find out more